Centennial Trail - Elk Creek & Dalton

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A DIFFICULT section of the Centennial Trail, can be ridden point to point, or out and back. The trailheads are about 12 miles apart. A very rocky and technical section of trail, from Elk Creek a few rocky stream crossings start off the trail as it winds up a canyon wall along Elk Creek with spectacular views. As you approach Dalton the trail travels along gravel roads and twin track for a time.

From Deadwood Bicycles, exit left from the parking lot and drive north through Deadwood. Connect onto 14A and proceed straight out of town toward Sturgis, through Boulder Canyon. Enter Highway I-90 East to exit #32. Turn right and proceed several miles Vanocker Canyon, it will climb for several miles. As within a mile of summiting, turn left onto Runkle Road (FR 168) follow this gravel road for about 1 1/2 miles over some ridges to the Centennial Trailhead sign.

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