Deadwood - Vanocker Loop

Ride Description

Starting from Deadwood Bicycles, proceed left out of the parking lot onto Sherman Road until it merges with Hwys 85/14A. Take 14A out of town through Boulder Canyon and down to Sturgis. The Canyon has some long descents and some slight uphill grades.

Once out of the Canyon, a long straight stretch of road takes you toward sturgis. Turn right on the speedway road and proceed for two miles toard Vanocker Road.

Turning right onto Vanocker Road will take you past some homes and toward a fork. Turn left at the fork onto the gravel road. The gravel section is less than 1/2 mile will take you to the mouth of Vanocker Canyon. Vanocker Canyon climbs for quite a while with a small decent before that true summit. A half mile past the summit is Runkle Road which is the turn off for the Elk Creek trailhead of the Centennial Trail, a slow descent and gradual rolls take you to Nemo Road.

Turn right on Nemo Road. The Nemo Road is rolling with several short and steep climbs and gradual decents. Eventually Nemo Road will wind its way to Hwy 385. Stop at the gas station for water and snacks before proceeding the two miles to the bottom of the Strawberry Hill. A long gradual climb which is shorter than the decent on the other side into Deadwood. At Hwy 85, turn right and head back to the bike shop, about 2 miles.

  • Approximately 60 miles
  • More climbs then descents! Seriously! It will baffle you.
  • Beautiful Country
  • Long coastable descent
  • Can get hot, very hot! Sunscreen is a must.
  • Sites: Adams House, Boulder Canyon, Sturgis Race Track, Vanocker Canyon, Nemo Road


There are numerous starting points along this route. The route described will be starting at Deadwood Bicycles.

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